When we sit and read endless weather warnings of rain, winds and freezing temperatures to come, we cannot fail to experience a leap of inner joy when we hear the click of the heating timer flick on! Or when we arrive home half an hour after the heating has come on. We feel rather happy with ourselves as we sit there all snug and warm despite the cold outside. Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan though, do they! Have you ever arrived home, opened the door and what confronts you is a dark room that looks cold and damp and worse than that it is cold and damp! The usual welcoming cosy warm air that oozes out the door has failed to appear? Your heating boiler has failed you and it’s not the first time! The glitch with the boiler you think you have fixed keeps reappearing? Poulton Plumbing is your reliable Gas Safe Registered engineer, the plumber in Blackpool ready to make your home cosy and warm again.

Blackpool Plumber Is a Storm Chaser!

Poulton Plumbing is a storm chaser but not in the traditional sense. Whenever there is a cold snap or a warning of a storm ahead, it is Poulton Plumbing, your Blackpool plumber that always seems not to be far in its wake! The reason; People need their heating in full working order, they want water available, especially hot water, so outdoor pipes need to be protected. Calls come flooding in for Poulton Plumbing but as always they are ready to respond to the increase in requests on the cusp of bad weather or a storm. With the professional help and experience of Poulton Plumbing you can be sure you can stay warm this winter. If you need advice or help to protect your pipes and water facilities then call Poulton Plumbing.