Is the January Sales the time to buy a dishwasher for your loved one? Well only you can be the judge of whether that would be a good idea or not, whether life would be worth living afterwards or not even if the price seems amazing! However, your local Blackpool plumber can present some tips on when it’s a good time to get a bargain when it comes to buying large appliances. Of course, January sales are always designed to tempt the purchaser with great prices and a long holiday weekend. But did you know that September and October are also very good months to buy large appliances for your home or business? That’s because it is during these two months that manufactures reveal their latest models, technology and upgrades. If you are someone for bargaining and sticking your ground until you get the price you want then the end of any month might work to your advantage. That’s because where appliances are sold on a quota or commission basis, they might be willing to negotiate more generously as the month ends. Another tip would be, wherever possible visit these stores in the week, not on a weekend for a better service and hopefully a better price to go with it! One last tip from your local Blackpool plumber would be…unless your partner has specifically requested an appliance like this, don’t save the surprise of purchasing one for a very special day or holiday!

Gain a few Brownie Points

When you have finally purchased a new appliance for the house there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to use it straight away. If you are surprising someone with such a gift, why not gain a few more brownie points by booking in your local plumber in Blackpool, such as Poulton Plumbing, to install your new purchase on the day you get it delivered.