2018 may have been the year you were expecting good news but its 2020 you really want to watch out for according to Water Watchdog. The Watchdog has its teeth bared and ready to put up a fair fight against unfair water rates for householders. It’s not just lower water rates that they plan to get, they are putting pressure on companies to provide better services overall. This will mean that householders can surf the tide of economic change more successfully as water companies would have to charge customers relative to those changes. Water companies are now preparing plans to meet customers’ needs and circumstances more appropriately. Will companies deliver the goods under the pressure of such regulators? We will have to wait and see, 2019 is when companies are required to submit their plans and OFWAT (Water Services Regulation Authority) will publish its final decision.

Blackpool Plumber Helps You Save Now!

Do you really have to wait until 2020 to reduce your water bill? Why not take advantage of water saving ideas to reduce your water bill right now! Poulton Plumbing a Blackpool plumber has many tips and suggestions up their sleeve to help their customers save now. If you have a current drip or leak from any faucet or pipes, get it fixed as soon as possible. Reduce your shower times slightly. Fully load appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Rinse dishes or vegetables in a full sink of water as opposed to constant running water. Remember to take a second to turn that tap off when brushing your teeth! Why not wash the car with a bucket of water instead of a running hose? Try to save the rainwater that falls; there is enough of it to water your garden for the rest of the year! If you would like to install water saving facilities and utilities do not hesitate to contact your local plumber in Blackpool, Poulton Plumbing.