There never seems to be quite enough storage space at home. When we find a new solution we can be forgiven for feeling a little proud of ourselves for a moment or two. This might help us to have a little understanding of what it must have felt like for Halite Energy when they came up with their great storage plan for gas; salt caverns under the River Wyre. But not all in the community were convinced this was the best storage solution they had ever heard of. To be able to store gas in caverns under water, salt rich brine has to be pumped out and gas pumped in. This means the salt has to go into the sea. Most us may wonder why this would ever be a problem, the sea is salty after all isn’t it? True! However, members of the No Gas Storage campaign claim that with the release of 80,000 cubic metres of salty brine into the sea on a daily basis, it would hugely affect the marine life and ecology. Local fisherman are not happy but Halite Energy say that they have calculated with the assistance of the Environment Agency that over a 10 year period the maximum accumulation of salt would only be 0.08%.

Plumber in Blackpool can help With Your Storage Problems

As a plumber in Blackpool, Poulton Plumbing knows how important gas is in the home. Many use it for heating and their kitchen utilities. Finding sensible and effective storage solutions for gas in your home is a much smaller issue, thankfully! Many options for your heating utilities and storage are available with the help of your plumber. If you need any repair work, Poulton Plumbing, a reliable and Gas Safe Engineer and plumber in Blackpool, will help you get them sorted as soon as possible.