When reports of the awful Grenfell tower hit our newspapers and tablet screens not one of us failed to feel horrified. The desperation of residents trying to escape will be etched on our minds for a long time to come. The fire is said to have raged up through the apartment levels within 15 minutes. Many things have been blamed as to why the fire turned into an inferno so quickly and why the fire was not contained. The building had just completed a huge refurbishment but it seems some safety regulations may have been neglected. A concern over the building’s plastic type cladding has drawn huge criticism. Frustration will continue for the coming months until the truth has been established. Yet the tragedy has reminded us of some vital things; local community is important and we all have an individual responsibility to keep our homes safe.

A Tower of Strength

Many of the surviving residents of the tower have expressed their thanks and amazement at the generosity and practical help the local community showed. As they left the building with literally only the clothes on their back they were greeted with blankets food and shelter from their neighbours. The local community has literally been a tower of strength for these survivors and something we are sure they will never forget.

Poulton Plumbing Pleads…Don’t Cut Safety Corners!

Blackpool plumber Poulton Plumbing urge their local community to never ever cut corners on safety in your own home, your business property or your letting property. These are some helpful questions to check whether you are adhering to important

safety regulations:

  • Have gas appliances been checked this year by a Gas Safe Engineer?
  • Do you have the latest certificate or report to tell you when you had a Gas check and when the next one is due?
  • Has your property’s electric wiring been checked? (wiring over 15 years old should be inspected annually)
  • Have your new appliances, gas or electrical been fitted by a certified technician?
  • Do you have fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms fitted in your home?

(If you rent a property you can ask your landlord the same questions)

If you have answered no to any of these questions, we strongly encourage you to contact your local Blackpool plumber and Electrician. Poulton Plumbing are certified Gas Safe Engineers who carry out safety checks in the local area.