This could soon become the reality and we only have ourselves to blame! Using up our natural resources rapidly has meant that new ways to fuel our homes, businesses and our vehicles for the future is a serious challenge. The latest discovery is that we may be able to use fatbergs to become our fuel. Have you ever heard of a fatberg? The sighting of a fatberg is even more nauseous than its name! They are found in sewers and are caused by grease and oil that we put down the drain which in turn accumulates into a big ‘berg’ mass…and apparently Britain is full of them! A processing plant in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire is turning these chunks of grime into fuel that we can use. The other idea is ‘poo power.’ Yes, that’s right as we speak companies are developing techniques to turn our poo into energy that we might be able to use in the future!

Efficient Ways to Flush Your Poo – Recommended by Your Blackpool Plumber

Whilst you may not have to be using ‘poo power’ to flush your loo you might be wondering what toilet and bathroom fixtures are available for your home to reduce wasted energy. Have you thought of having a low flow toilet or shower head fitted? Your plumber in Blackpool, Poulton Plumbing, highly recommends water saving fixtures such as these. Why? Because if you are conserving water you are also conserving fuel needed to treat water and deliver it. Having been a plumber in Blackpool for many years, Poulton Plumbing know their customers desire to have more efficient utilities in the home but that they need to still look stylish and be affordable. Having expert knowledge in the industry, do not hesitate to call Poulton Plumbing for advice.