The CIPHE stands for the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering. They showed their support for the World Plumbing Day this year by creating some important information via blogs and press releases. A new publication was released called the ‘Safe Water Campaign.’ This raised two very important and relevant safety issues. One was about Legionnaires Disease and the other issue was awareness about hot water scalding. Interestingly, Poulton Plumbing in Blackpool has already written a blog this year about the seriousness of Legionaries disease. However they have never written about water scalding issues, so in line with the UK’s decision to include this in support for WPD, Poulton Plumbing thought it would be a good idea to support better awareness wherever possible.

Prevent Water Scalding

We have all been the victim of water scalding at some point in our lives and the consequence can be anywhere from a small nuisance to a very serious burn. Poulton Plumbing your local plumber in Blackpool would like to share tips to prevent scalding from happening in your home.

Trying to prevent scalds is a challenge as water is usually stored at 60 degrees and the reason for this is to keep bad bacteria from growing. Water coming from the hot tap inevitably is just below this temperature but can cause scalding if care is not taken. If you are using a shower then thermostatically controlled showers are best for moderating the temperature without scalding you and keeping it at a safe temperature with the use of a TMV (thermostat mixing valve). When filling your bath start with cold water and then bring it up to a temperature you can tolerate so take extra care and caution when bathing children. Mixing valves are the best way forward for your sink taps and washbasins to prevent rapid scalding temperatures.

If you would like to install a thermostat shower or change taps for a safer option then contact your professional plumber in Blackpool Poulton Plumbing.