With reports that the bath tub is being replaced by more and more showers a question is raised; has the Bath Tub had its day? Is there a place for it any longer in the cleaner modern world? For the British nation this can be a touchy discussion with a real black and white divide for bath bubbling lovers and steam showering supporters. Here’s what they have to say…

 What Do the Bath Bubbling Bathers Have to Say?

  • A long slow deep soak cannot be replaced by a shower
  • Muscles can relax, results in better circulation, pains may be relieved
  • May take more time but it’s a great excuse to slow the pace down
  • You can add oils and treatments to your bath water
  • Taking baths are hygienic because the dirt moves and settles away from the body
  • You can control how much water you use very easily
  • You cannot enjoy a good book in the shower!

What do the Shower Lovers Say?

  • Saves precious time
  • Saves space in your property
  • Showers removes sweat and hair products much easier
  • The pouring water flow is more relaxing for the body
  • Saves Water

What should you consider before Renovating Your Bathroom?

Poulton Plumbing a local plumber in Blackpool has vast experience in helping people design and install their dream bathrooms. After reading the above you may be leaning to the idea of either a shower or a bath. If you are still sat on the fence of whether to completely do away with the bath tub and go for a shower why not discuss with your plumber in Blackpool about other modern alternatives. It may be that you still have space to have both in your home. Blackpool plumbers, Poulton Plumbing are able to source beautiful showers and bath tubs perfect for your style choice.