Carbon monoxide is known as the ‘Silent Killer,’ why? Because often people have no idea there is carbon monoxide present in their home. If we have a general gas leak we simply ring our local plumber in Blackpool to come out and fix it due to the fact that the strong smell has alerted us…but imagine if we could not smell it? How would we detect it? Having no odour at all, carbon monoxide is a silent and deadly killer. So how can we protect ourselves?

Blackpool Plumber Has Wise Detective Tips

Despite the fact that we have written about carbon monoxide many times before, it’s so important that we will continue to do so. Reminders such as these from your local Gas Safe registered plumber in Blackpool can save lives.

  1. Don’t Wait, Don’t Hesitate! – If you have any doubt about any type of gas leak call your Gas Safe registered Engineer
  2. Be Aware of Physical Symptoms – Headaches, breathlessness, nausea, dizzy spells, loss of consciousness and collapsing
  3. When do the Symptoms Appear? – Do these symptoms only happen when you are at home? Do they get better or worse when you leave the building?
  4. Who Else? – Are you the only person suffering from symptoms in your household or are other family members experiencing the same symptoms?

What do you Do Next?

If you suspect any of the above is related to carbon monoxide poisoning this is what you must do next:

  1. See a Doctor – Get a blood check as soon as possible, make sure you tell them why you are concerned
  2. Get in touch with the Gas Emergency Helpline (0800111999) or your local Gas Safe Registered Engineer (01253 886 626/07590 492 992) to inspect it immediately
  3. If you are still in your home don’t forget to open all the windows!