A local sea front restaurant owner has been ordered to pay over £5,000 in fines and court costs after serious health regulations were broken. If you have read the article about this in the Blackpool Gazette then you may have seen the pictures that would make anyone with a strong constitution buckle temporarily. Not once has this been a problem for the owner but twice! This is the second time he has been prosecuted for violation of food safety related protection laws. This being the case we can only imagine the courts frustration that the owner did not take notice of countless warnings and a previous prosecution under his belt.

Would you Dare?

If you have ever found yourself eating in a restaurant where the hygiene seems questionable, which we are sure has happened to us all at some point, how would you feel about using the bathroom? One thing follows another and if the restaurant feels dirty then what do you think the state of the toilets would be? Could you dare to go or would you have to cross your legs and wait until you got home?

Call Your Blackpool Plumber

So what does this story have to do with Blackpool plumber, Poulton Plumbing and why are we writing about it? If you are a hotel or B&B owner, you know how important good hygiene and maintenance are for your reputation and ongoing business, and the customers really do see everything! Visitors are particularly fussy (and quite rightly so!) about the cleanliness of a hotel’s eating areas and all bathrooms and toilet facilities. If you are a business owner in need of a Blackpool plumber with a good reputation, Poulton Plumbing can make sure your waterworks are running smoothly. If you need bathroom renovations, installations or repairs, call Poulton plumbing for a quote to keep your business sparkling.