Have you made a connection between the international distress signal ‘mayday!’ and the Mayday bank holiday we’ve just had in May? You may be interested to know there is no connection at all, so that begs the question, why is the international distress call for ships and aircraft referred to as ‘mayday!’ Like so many words in the English language the origins can be tracked back to French expressions. For example, you are likely familiar with the fact that the word toilet comes from the French word toilette. Mayday is another example; it is thought to come from the French word ‘maidez’ or ‘maider’ meaning ‘help me!’ Should you ever find yourself with the need to use the internationally recognised distress signal then you can take comfort in knowing that you are basically saying ‘help me’ in French!

Plumbers in Blackpool ready to Answer your Mayday

May is a wonderful month of the year; it is blessed with two bank holidays. Every May, our expectations for these holidays runs high and all too often we are disappointed, particularly if our plans are spoilt by something going wrong at home, either with the gas, electric or plumbing. These problems have the uncanny ability to present themselves at the most inconvenient times! Don’t let your May be ruined by having a ‘mayday!’ of your own or in any other month for that matter. If you need a Blackpool plumber you will not need an international distress signal, all you need is the phone number of a trustworthy and reliable plumber in Blackpool. Poulton Plumbing are plumbers in Blackpool that carry out preventative maintenance as well as responding to emergency repairs. Poulton Plumbing are just the type of plumbers you need in an emergency situation because they are calm, experienced and professional. They offer their services all year round not just in the month of May.