Do you have limited space in your property? When it comes to having a new heating system or boiler, things can start hotting up with discussions of where the new boiler will fit, especially for those with limited space. Size has to be considered. No one is going to be interested in a huge boiler if they are living in a flat or have no wall space; other options have to be available. Boiler designs are nothing like they used to be and new models are coming out all the time to fit the smaller home. Efficiency and limited space demands have created a field of new innovative ideas which means you will be able to find an efficient model suitable for your home.

Is Murelle the One for you?

Sime’s latest combination boiler is a high efficiency wall mounted boiler called Murelle One HE 25 kW and its hot! The model is specifically designed for those with limited space who still want a touch of elegance and style. The boiler may be small but with its 25 kW output, it is able to smoothly deliver hot water on demand. Super light and easy to install, this premium model is sure to be a favourite with many people.

Are you looking for a Qualified Plumber in Blackpool?

Are you having problems with your existing boiler or is it too big? Are you thinking about replacing your boiler? If so get in touch with your local Blackpool plumber, Poulton Plumbing, for expert advice. Poulton Plumbing has been operating as a plumber in Blackpool and the surrounding areas for over 10 years and are fully qualified Gas Safe Engineers. Whether you would like a new boiler, a boiler service, or a boiler installation, Poulton Plumbing are ready for your inquiries.