If you are thinking of replacing your boiler this year maybe you are wondering what is new on the market. The good news is that with the introduction of Energy-related Products Directive (2015), boiler manufacturers have been releasing new boiler models onto the market that conform to those new standards.

Choice has never been so varied and widely available as it is this year. Many reviews and comparisons are available on the internet for those wanting to do thorough research. The size of your home and the efficiency of the boiler must be considered. Combi boilers remain a strong favourite for the British consumer but they are not for everybody. It is also important to make sure factors such as the power output of the boiler and terms and conditions of the warranty meet with your needs.

Even better news is that Poulton Plumbing is on hand to help. Serving the plumbing industry for years, Poulton Plumbing offer reliable advice and consultations for customers throughout Blackpool and surrounding areas. Poulton Plumbing is a friendly family run business that still operates with customer service at the core of their business.