This winter it seems these words have never been so true. Flooding has been hitting homes and newspaper headlines! The weather has always been a topic of conversation for us Brits, but we may even be getting bored of talking about the rain this year.

Well we do not want to dampen your spirits any further, but instead, these unfavourable wet seasons can be described as a good opportunity and reminder to get those niggly jobs done that usually get left.  Before we know it the next winter is here.

Addressing the problem of broken guttering and pipework is extremely important. Water running down the wall of the house is a sure way to eventually get damp and mould problems.  If you have noticed leaks then it is a priority to get them sorted as soon as possible.

You may have noticed water flowing over the guttering instead of down the gutter, often this is the result of leaves and moss blocking them.  Removing of blockages should be carried out with care, especially in the down pipe as the blockage can compress and get worse.  Sometimes dismantling the pipework is necessary.

Call Poulton Plumbing to help you out with any pipe and guttering problems. They operate in the Blackpool area which as you can imagine they have had plenty of practice and training in the wet outdoors.