The cold weather is not over and neither is the risk of frozen pipes and water bursts. Household items that use water pipes are also at risk in the cold weather. Here are some tips to keep free of plumbing problems this month,

  1. Try and have the warm air circulating the house even during the day, to keep underfloor and behind the wall plumbing from freezing.
  2. Don’t forget if you have plumbing in the garage then keep the exterior garage doors closed.
  3. When temperatures are very low, opening faucets in the house just a little so that water can trickle reduces pressure and can help prevent the pipes actually freezing.

When to Call the Plumber

If despite your efforts, the pipes still become frozen you may find yourself needing the help of Poulton Plumbing. If you spot a burst pipe or leak then it is wise to seek expert help. If you notice any unusual and unexpected decline in pressure in the water then Poulton Plumbing are only a call away. Don’t be tempted to hibernate away from these icy warning signs; if you act quickly you are most likely to get the problem fixed without incurring a great expense.