You might just want to hang on a minute before you hang that pair of socks on the radiator…

Since the snow has suddenly arrived now it’s March it’s no surprise that the heating has been put on. Everyone loves a snowball fight or a chance to build a snow man with the kids but no one enjoys the aftermath of soggy wet socks and gloves. It is the most common thing in the world to pop them on the radiator to either thaw them out or toast them up before going out the door. With a new warning in the news this week Poulton Plumbing wanted to make sure their customers were up to date with the latest findings on the matter.

What’s all the Fuss?

Medical experts in Manchester have kindly brought to our awareness the dangers of hanging your pants on the radiator and the BBC covered some of the reasons in an informative video this week.

We can all exhale a sigh of relief as the real danger is described as the ‘regular drying of your clothes on radiators with no windows open’ and not the occasional drying of socks.

However if you suffer from asthma or lung problems it really is no laughing matter and it could be a real serious health hazard if you dry clothes regularly this way. The damp clothes on a radiator can cause fungus to grow and cause mould and health risks. Keep windows open if necessary to dry clothes this way.