There are no boundaries or exemptions in the world of plumbing. Whether you are a Prince or simply Jo Bloggs you are going to need the services of a good plumber at some point in your life. The toilet will break or a pipe will leak at least once in your life.

It has been said in the last few years in Britain there has been a chronic lack of skilled plumbers available. This is good news for the experienced plumber and good news for those that have found him and a reminder to keep him. A plumber’s skills are just as useful as they are diverse…from fixing the toilet to installing whole bathrooms, clearing gutters to tiling walls.

Your Own Affordable Golden Plumber

Poulton Plumbing is one of those services. They are dedicated, experienced, trustworthy and worth their weight in gold. Operating in the Blackpool and surrounding area they are happy that their reputation brings them their work. The best news is you don’t have