Using the bathroom is usually a simple task and yet with expert and innovative technology, the task seems to be getting more complicated. Japan, the country that often leads in technology advancements has recently had to rethink their toilet tech. An embarrassing situation has developed that their toilets are so developed the rest of the world does not seem to be able to work out how to use them! Tourists wanting to use the local loo in Japan will experience a whole new world compared to using the local privy on the Blackpool Promenade. The toilet instruction panel looks like something off Doctor Who which if pressed will release water or warm air. Understandably if one does not know how the instructions work then one could experience a rather unpleasant result. Companies producing these plumbing products including Toto, Panasonic, and Toshiba have now planned to have eight new pictograms instead.

Are you Traditional or Modern?

If you have been recently thinking about contacting a Blackpool plumber for advice, installation or repair work on your bathroom, you can probably sympathise with these tourists in Japan. Interestingly, when we read reports such as these they quickly get us thinking about what our own views are on technology and its relationship with the necessities in our life. Some of us relish in the idea of having a super loo that will not just provide the basic need but a luxury wash and dry at the same time. Others of us will quickly state how much simpler it is to stick with the traditional flush and go system. Whatever your preference is we can all sympathise with the feeling of irritation when the loo gets blocked or broken. This is usually followed by the irritation of trying to find a local  Blackpool plumber as quickly as possible. If this is you, don’t stress! Poulton Plumbing are your local expert. If you are suffering from toilet trouble Poulton Plumbing can help.