Blackpool Gazette told the story of local farmers getting in a mood recently after their honesty store got raided again! Milk, cheese and eggs seem to be regularly taken by people without payment of any sort who are clearly not in need. The farmers themselves have not set the store up with any serious intentions of profit but have done it to serve the community and provide a convenient service along with an understanding that people will do the ‘honest thing’. How sad many are abusing this gift, so much so that CCTV has had to be installed. Not only do many of us feel angry about this ourselves but it makes us all question our view of honesty and how we value it.

Honesty can only be the ‘Best Policy’

As a local Blackpool plumber who serves the local community here, Poulton Plumbing got thinking about why honesty and trust in every aspect of life is important. Poulton Plumbing, a plumber in Blackpool, feels that the quality of honesty is vital for any business. Without trust you don’t have a community anymore that benefit each other. Without honesty you no longer have trust and trust knits the fabric of any community together. Any work that Blackpool plumbers, Poulton Plumbing carry out is done alongside the motto ‘honesty is the best policy.’ Their prices are never extortionate but reflect the true value of the professional work carried out and the value of the time. Appointments are honoured with the rare exception of unforeseen occurrences. Plumbing work is often carried out in homes which our honest plumbers treat with respect. We love our work and value our customers. If our businesses and work ethic can help to restore faith in our local communities then it is not only our responsibility but pleasure to help set the example.