Robert Smith died recently from a suspected heart attack at the age of 66. Robert Smith was a larger than life man with a head for business. Well known for deals in buying and selling popular pubs in Blackpool he affectionately inherited the nick name the ‘Del Boy of Blackpool’ from those around him. Big Bob, as he was also known by, owned The Lifeboat Inn, The Foxhall and Uncle Webster’s… you can almost imagine the real Del Boy’s favourite haunt, The Nag’s Head, thrown into that list as well. Just as the nation’s real Del Boy was much loved so was this local Blackpool businessman and he will be missed by the local community.

Grandad had a Point!

As soon as we hear the name ‘Del Boy’, our favourite episodes of the brilliant classic comedy soon begin to pop into our head. As a Blackpool plumber, Poulton Plumbing cannot help but cringe and laugh at episodes such as when Del Boy sends Rodney to sell gas fires to an all-electric housing estate or the episode where Grandad refuses to pay an exasperated Rodney twelve hundred pounds for a hotel next to a smelly waterworks in a game of monopoly! To be fair I don’t think you have to be a plumber in Blackpool to agree with Grandad on this one either! There is nothing worse than a home or hotel that has a problem with ‘smelly waterworks!’

If you are finding that a squeeze of the toilet cleaner and twist of the toilet brush isn’t ridding your home of smelly odours then you may want to contact your local Blackpool plumber, Poulton Plumbing to locate and deal with your smelly bathroom waterworks. Poulton plumbing operates in the Blackpool and surrounding areas and has been doing so for many years.