Pokemon Go-es Wild in Blackpool

The hottest thing in Blackpool right now is not the weather but a game called Pokemon Go. The local Pokemon Go Centre social media group went wild in Blackpool this month. If you haven’t heard about this app already then maybe you have been wondering why people have been wandering around absorbed in their mobile phones even more than usual. The game was produced to inspire people to play a game whilst on the move, to get people from indoors into the outdoors…for what reason? To hunt and capture virtual monsters! Which are apparently lurking in all nooks and crannies of Blackpool.

Pokemon Go-es Plumbing!

Ok, so that’s not true! But it would be pretty cool if it had designed a Pokemon that could locate a plumbing problem and fix it at the same time.

Apparently this would have come in very handy in Rio at the Olympics.  Had ‘Pokemon Plumbers’ really existed that would have ‘killed two birds with one stone’ so to speak. Not only was the lack of working plumbing a top problem but so was the lack of Wi-Fi. Interestingly having no Pokemon Go was more stressful than the lack of proper plumbing!

The good news is that here in Blackpool we have both Pokemon Go readily available and excellent plumbers such as Poulton Plumbing to take care of all plumbing issues. No need to have Pokemon Plumbers after all.