Flooding the Blackpool Ballroom

This is not a confession! Poulton Plumbing did not flood any Ballrooms in Blackpool. Actually, the Chinese did, that is; flooding it with dance! For those that don dancing shoes and for those who don’t, it is well known that Blackpool continues to be a hotspot for the dancing circuit. In fact, Shanghai will be hosting its own Blackpool Dance Festival this month. The links between China and Blackpool are getting stronger due to the united love of dance. The rate at which Blackpool Dance rooms are getting filled with dance enthusiasts will not be slowing down any time soon!

In the event of a flood do this…

It would be no laughing matter had someone really flooded a Blackpool Ballroom! Causing a flood in a property has got to be one of the most stressful things to do or find. With the help of professionals such as Poulton Plumbing you can reduce the risk of flooding happening in your home. If you have discovered a flood in your home then contact Poulton Plumbing for their prompt services and advice. Having a professional plumber at your doorstep can reduce both the water pressure and your blood pressure!