A fashionable taste for the seaside…

Fashion sometimes dictates the way our future is determined whether we like it or not. In fact it was fashion itself that made Blackpool one of the nation’s favourite beach hotspots. In the mid-18 th century it became the ‘fashionable’ thing to do, to visit the shores of Britain and bathe in the rejuvenating waters to improve one’s well-being.  This drove the idea on for new and improved roadways so that one could reach the beaches of Blackpool with ease. Later a railway way was designed and cemented Blackpool’s status as a prominent centre of British tourism from the 1840s onward. Every one living in Blackpool has been affected by the way that fashion dictated what Blackpool has become today.

Are fashionable appliances reaching your shores?

You may be reading this and thinking does it matter? You might even feel that the effects of fashion have not quite reached your doorstep. Interestingly though, when it comes to fashionable ideas about bathing in Blackpool’s waters smart and convenient modernisations were the result. New fashions that appear in the kitchen and bathroom industry have produced some modern and economically efficient gems for the home.

If you are thinking about improving the appliances in your home, contact Poulton Plumbing in Blackpool for the latest fashion in technology but with good old fashioned honest values. It will help make your life more convenient and even save you money.