No Drizzle Please!

Why is it that when the sun comes out we start to panic? We panic when we can’t find the sun cream for the kids because we can’t remember the last time we had to use it. We panic that there will be no burgers, sausages and baps left because everyone has gone BBQ crazy and most of all we panic that we will see drizzle. The fact that the clouds will appear and that slow never ending drizzle will start before we even made it to the weekend, this all terrifies us.

One Less Drizzle to Worry About

The great thing about living in the Blackpool area of course is that we don’t have to go far to find a beach! Having the Blackpool beaches on our doorstep means we can take full advantage of sunny days. We don’t have to go far and the kids are making sandcastles before we know it. After a full and tiring day at the beach all we want to do is get home to shower the sand and heat of the day away. Nothing is more annoying than finding the shower is still broken, we turn it on and a pathetic dripping appears. This can’t be refreshing! Call your Blackpool plumber; we can’t fix the rain but Poulton Plumbers can fix your shower and you will have one less drizzle in your life to worry about.