A Black day for Blackpool

Monday mornings are never easy. But one week was much harder than most. One Monday recently Blackpool seemed to be duller than usual as it lost a ray of sun. That ray of sun was Mr Eddie Collet, our former Mayor. He lost his battle with cancer at the age of 58 in the early hours and Blackpool residents have been mourning the loss since the news broke. As a Blackpool family business, Poulton Plumbing send their condolences and thoughts to the family of a man who did his best to make Blackpool a better place; educationally, commercially and environmentally.

A Bright Reputation to Learn From

Mr Eddie Collet had a reputation that shone brightly. His good qualities radiated throughout the community, leaving students, politicians and business men a fine example to follow. His fair and friendly spirit was not something put on for show but the core of who he was as a person. He was the Mayor in Blackpool in 2013/14 and his reputation remained, rightfully, in perfect tact throughout. Some have described him as loyal, dependable and hardworking. Others said he loved people and people loved him. Others simply mention his ability to always have a smile. It is in moments like this that we can take some time to think. As any business in Blackpool it is a good to reflect on the type of reputation we are