Guys are you fed up with your console game? The Japanese are thinking of new and innovative ways to entertain their generations of video game loving men. They have designed a toilet, yes a toilet video game! This time no console is required apart from you. The unique urinal consists of an LCD screen and a speed censor that calculates the duration and speed at which the man will pass urine. Further developments are to include ideas such as competing with previous users and their scores. Advertising is incorporated in the LCD Screen. Designers have said if these toilets are used at a bar where a wedding after party takes place, the picture of the bride and grooms face could appear on the screen. They said this would be rather ‘cool!’ We will let you be the judge of that. One thing is for sure, the Japanese Plumbers work just got a whole lot more complicated.

Poulton Plumbing who operates in the Blackpool area cannot guarantee to be able to help you with toilet plumbing problems if you decide to purchase one of these Japanese video game toilets in the future. Poulton Plumbing can however offer you professional help with any other toilet plumbing problems you may have.