It may surprise some that chipped china was the reason for the first automatic dishwasher to be invented! Whilst one may be surprised that chipped china was the catalyst for producing ideas of how better to wash crockery, the inventor is not so surprising. The inventor was a woman named Josephine Cochrane. It seems Josephine was so fed up with her china getting broken that she decided to invent a better way to get them washed. Her grandfather invented the steamboat (John Fitch). Engineering and inventing obviously ran in the family! By 1893 automatic dishwashers were available for the elite.

Only in the 1920’s when permanent plumbing was available,  bigger manufacturing companies started to develop the dishwasher as we know it today. Now almost every home has a dishwasher. Used frequently it is no surprise that they need to be fixed and maintained from time to time. That is one of the many things Poulton Plumbing do! A family run business that operates in the Blackpool area, Poulton Plumbing offer a prompt response and solutions for dishwasher and other home appliances. Leaks and faulty pumps are a common problem put can quickly be remedied with their help. They also carry out professional dishwasher installations.