No it is not a tasty cocktail but an unusual law. Did you know that if you are in Singapore and use a public toilet and fail to flush you are in big trouble? In fact you will actually be breaking the law! The punishment could be a hefty fine and a very humiliating public caning if caught by the police on their random toilet flushing patrol!

It may seem bizarre, maybe a little extreme even, but let’s admit there is nothing worse than wanting to use a toilet when someone has previously been, blocked it up and abandoned the situation! Singapore’s strategy would certainly be an effective way to remind people of good toilet manners.

There is nothing more annoying than a blocked toilet. Blocked toilets are not always the result of bad toilet manners, there can be many reasons for this common problem. Bad drainage, bad installation, insufficient venting and poor maintenance can be some of the causes for a constantly blocked toilet.

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